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January 29, 2016

"Presilla consistently meets her goal; this is rustic, layered, authentic food. But it also is remarkably and consistently seductive."

-Teresa Politano,  Click here to read article


"Cucharamama translates as “mother spoon,” suggesting togetherness, warmth and happiness with food. Intelligence is another word leaping to mind as guests savor the pleasures of this place. It’s exceptionally well thought-out and executed down to the tiniest detail of ambience and food."

- Bob Lape, Crain’s New York Business


"The food is remarkable and remarkably authentic. Eating it is a vacation. In dishes so full of the essence of Latin America that you feel as if you’ve flown south, every flavor is bracingly pure and unsullied."

- R.W. Apple, The New York Times


"For anyone who cares about food, and the astounding ways its ingredients can be made to work together and lift one another to improbable heights, Cucharamama is a necessary destination, up there with the best this state has to offer."

-David Corcoran, The New York Times


May 9, 2012

James Beard Awards:  Maricel Presilla on winning best chef Mid-Atlantic for Hoboken’s Cucharamama - Click here to read article


Maricel Presilla, chef and partner in Hoboken’s Cucharamama, wins James Beard award - Click here to read article